• TBC

  • A loop ride starting and finishing at Glebe Park, Bowral

  • Ride A: 91km, Ride B: 140km

  • $150 non-refundable registration fee per person

  • $500 fundraising minimum per rider

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    Both rides will call into Triple Care Farm, the facility funded by Sir David Martin Foundation and 145Classic fundraising. It is literally changing the lives of over 100 young people who attend each year.


    The 145Classic remains a fully supported ride. This means that the ride will be completed in groups of between 12-20 riders. Each group will be pre-determined and graded according to ability. Each group will be supported by a SAG (Spares and Gear) vehicle.

    Fully supported is a nice way to ride. You don’t have to load your pockets up with food and spares. If you get hot or cold, you can shed or collect clothing from the SAG. It’s like riding with your very own butler!!

    I have ridden up Jamberoo Mountain Road as part of the 145Classic in each of the last three years. And every time I have said to myself ‘Why am I doing this? I swear I will not do this stupid hill again!’. And each year I have come back for another go. Partly it’s the challenge. Partly it’s because I don’t want to give up. It’s not because I love riding hills (I don’t). It’s the sheer relief at the top of the hill. But mostly it’s because I want to support The Sir David Martin Foundation’s work at Triple Care Farm. I suspect many of us have had a ‘sliding doors’ moment and know just how easy it might have been for us, or our kids, to suffer from debilitating addictions or other trauma. I want to help because I can.
    — Andrew Leithhead

    Start Times

    Ride A will start at 7:20am from Glebe Park, Bowral - meaning all riders doing ride A will need to be at Glebe Park by 7:10am for final registration, briefing and meeting your SAG driver, and a quick coffee and breakfast.  

    Ride B will start at 7:00am from Glebe Park, Bowral - meaning all riders doing ride B will need to be at Glebe Park by 6:50am for final registration, briefing, meet your SAG driver and breakfast. 

    Finish Times

    It is expected both rides will take approximately 6-8 hours to complete, dependent on individual ride ability, group pace and number of stops/ rests. 

    We would expect that all riders would finish back at Glebe Park, Bowral, no later than 4pm.