Over the last four years, the 145Classic: Ride for Youth has raised over $180,000 for Triple Care Farm - an award winning drug and alcohol rehab program for young people.

In 2019 riders will help SDMF raise $80,000 for the Farm and David Martin Place. The first youth drug and alcohol detox centre in Australia. 

About Sir David Martin Foundation

Sir David Martin Foundation is dedicated to helping young people in crisis. We fund programs to support young people suffering from problems such as addiction, homelessness, mental illness, disengagement from society, abuse, unemployment and family breakdown.

These programs assist young people in returning to education and training to find pathways to employment and a healthy, productive life. The Foundation’s major funding project is Triple Care Farm, an award winning residential rehabilitation program for youth (16-24yrs), located in rural NSW.

Our Vision is to create an environment where young people can grow up in safety, with hope and opportunity. 

Read more at www.sdmf.org.au


About Triple Care Farm

Triple Care Farm provides an ideal environment of peace and healing for emotionally hurt and troubled youth, most of whom present with co-morbid conditions of drug & alcohol addiction and mental illness.

“I had lost sight of myself, of who I was and who I could be.  I was just surviving one day to the next". Trent graduated from the farm in 2015.

The Farm rebuilds broken lives. Each young person receives a holistic, 12 week,individualised treatment plan which includes skilled training and further education, counselling, family mediation, group therapy, and programs to overcome addiction.

Triple Care Farm is one of the most successful programs of its kind in Australia. Each year over 100 young people graduate from the program equipped with the confidence, skills, and the dedication to implement sustained change in their lives.

Learn more about Triple Care Farm and it's impact on young people's lives