Training rides

Sunday 10 February - Route TBA

Sunday 7 April - Route TBA

Sunday 20 April- Route TBA

What it means to ride in a peloton

The word ‘peloton’ is used to describe a group of riders in a road bicycle race. A group of riders may also be referred to as the pack, field or bunch, but peloton is the most commonly used term.

Riding in a peloton offers the advantage of a shared workload, making it easier to ride faster, and it can also be a social and safe way to ride your bike.

Participants need to be aware that this is NOT a race, but a group charity ride.

Every group will be accompanied by a SAG (Spares and Gear) wagon. This is used to provide aid to the cyclists on the road. This can be filling water bottles, providing nutrition, making road side repairs, helping with medical needs and cheering you on to reach your goal.