We recommend you develop a training program for this event at least 4 months beforehand, ensuring you have the fitness and endurance to last the distance and tackle the rolling hills of the Southern Highlands. Ride B  and the Jamberoo Mtn climb is not a ride for ‘weekend warriors’.

It is strongly recommended that you join one of the *training rides in the lead up to, under the guidance of Mildren Events. These rides incorporate similar terrain to the 145Classic route so are therefore very beneficial. The 145Classic has a total elevation gain of over 2,500 metres. Prepare yourself now so that the day is one you can enjoy!

A weekly training regime that would enable you to build your fitness could look like the below: (Mandatory – 1 long endurance ride + 1 hills ride, all other ride sessions are a bonus)


Monday:  rest day
Tuesday:  30km – 40km (1 ½ - 2hrs flat terrain)
Wednesday:  30km (1 ½ hrs Hill Repeats / riding) (start with 20mins and build up to 1 ½ hrs
Thursday:  rest day
Friday:  30 – 40km (1 ½ - 2hrs flat terrain varied terrain) (concentrate on pacing yourself)
Saturday:  60-80km (3-4hrs long ride)
Sunday:  80km (4hrs long ride) (aim to build up to 5 – 6hrs in the saddle)

If you have a wind trainer / indoor trainer this is a great way to add in extra training and build up hours in the saddle and training during winter or in wet weather.

The aim for you would be to ride  150km+ a week, so you can divide it up according to your work/family/life commitments. Ideally for the last month you should aim to increase this to 200km+ per week.